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(OLE) dear dance studio

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The time is now. If your space caters to teen or adult dancers in the "scene", you should know this...

There is a shift happening in our city and if you don't stay ahead you'll be left behind. Today's dancers are hungry for more than the traditional studio model has offered, and being just a "studio" is no longer enough. The community has its heart set on Creative Spaces.

Dancers are no longer just one thing, they have evolved into multi-hyphenate beings: stylist, make-up artist, music artist, photographer, video creator, editor, choreographer or teacher, freestyler, battle competitor, producer, creative director, etc. Therefore, in order to further develop themselves a "dance class" will no longer serve that purpose.

Haven't you noticed?

More and more dancers gather in spaces were growth beyond class is taking place: a parking lot or garage session, a dance battle, heck...even a basketball court. These spaces are bringing together more dancers than any class in town. An industry town hall meeting brings more dancers together than class. Like I said, a shift is happening in our city and dancers are hungry for more.

What does this mean for the traditional dance studio model?
  • Perhaps learning moves and single layered learning is no longer enough.

  • Perhaps I the dancer am seeking inspiration, motivation, stronger or new foundations, and more importantly- a more clear path to my evolution.

Dear dance studio...what else do you have to offer?


**CLICK HERE to listen along with the Overall Listening Experience (OLE)**

Disclaimer: All thoughts shared above are meant to build awareness and spark new creative ideas to help build the Miami Dance Movement.

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